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Are you drifting? Thumbnail

Are you drifting?

Investing Retirement Funding Insights

When do you want to retire? 10 years from now? 15 years from now? 20 years from now? No matter how long it will be before you retire, there are four potential situations you will find yourself in when you get to retirement day:1) Ideal2) OK3) Poor4) Crisis

Each of these situations look different for each person, dollar wise. But the PATH to each of these situations is similar - not a straight line, but a curve.When you begin your journey towards retirement, the lines for each of these paths are almost identical. But as time progresses, you either make DECISIONS that help your curve go up (towards IDEAL and OK situations) or you DRIFT downward (towards POOR and CRISIS situations). However, your trajectory on one of these lines is not absolute. 

Without an intentional plan, everyone tends to DRIFT downward. 

While you may not notice the difference between these paths at first, the closer you get to retirement, the more noticeable the difference becomes and the harder it becomes to change your trajectory. Making the jump from a POOR situation to an IDEAL situation close to the time to retire is expensive, risky, and hard. It will never be easier to attain your IDEAL situation as it is right now.  How long do you want to wait before you jump lines? 401Kyle.com can help you jump lines and maintain the curve with decisions and a financial plan that will help you create an IDEAL retirement situation for you and your family. 

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